7mm spanish mauser scope mount The barrel is in decent shape considering its age — the finish is mostly gone, and there’s minor rust pitting throughout. 17 mm, 19 mm or 22 mm and different size rings. Scope Mount Set Fits Mauser 93, 94, 95, Swedish 96 / 38 Spanish 1916 Mauser High Turret Sniper Scope Mount with Split Rings. It appears that the 7. It’s dialed in and is quite a shooter. This Spanish Mauser came with a turned down handle. They make for great European style sporting rifles with a nice stock and a rebarrel in 6. Scope Mount for Scout type, long eye relief scope. Just wanted to give this gun a post of it's own so y'all can check it out, not many of these around. Mauser Rifle Scope Mount Check out the deal on Brass Stacker Mauser Scout Scope Mount at MSP - Mounting Solutions Plus Discover brass stacker Glock accessories at Mounts Plus at 5% discount. Mauser Parts. 99: 0 $6. $199. Manufactured at famous Oviedo factory in Spain for the Spanish Army. Check out the deal on Small Ring Mauser Scope Mount - Swedish, 93,94,95,96,633,640,M38,Spanish - Includes Rings - S&K Moun at galatiinternational. #1 Bent Bolt Handle. Remington Rolling Block #5 Barrel | 7mm Mauser. The rear sight was a Lange Visier-type on the Pattern 1 rifles, and a simple tangent-leaf on the Pattern 2 rifles. The 1916 Spanish Mauser was originally built as a 7MM long barreled 1893 Mauser. 65. A very tidy Spanish M43 Mauser made by the La Couruna Arsenal in 1955. 9 Attachment of the scope 1. I have an old Spanish 7mm Mauser that has a missing ladder to the sight and I would like to make it into a brush gun, I believe this mount could work. The Guardia Civil rifles, marked with the crest of German 98k barreled action 8mm mauser with shot out barrel cost $20 Like New Czech barrel from egun parts $37 Scope & mounts $50 single post sniper scope. The M43 was the standard infantry rifle of spanish army from 1943 and throughout the 1950s and saw action in the Ifni war in 1957-58. 44-40 WCF. 5 Replies 2012-03-31T03:41. ” Author Robert W. $60 Stock Finishing Kit $25. Bolts on to the rear sight base - preserves stripper clip access, requires no alteration to receiver Includes mount base, mount screws, and two (2) 1" scope rings. Has been a great rifle and now Don’t buy a rifle, own a MAUSER. It was developed by Paul Mauser of the Mauser company in 1892 and adopted as a military cartridge by Spain in 1893. My Spanish Mauser's are still in 7mm, with the exception of the FR8, which is 7. Federal 7B Power-Shok Speer Hot-Cor SP 20RD 140gr 7mm Mauser Mauser Spanish 1916 sporter, 7mm extra parts, shoots, Mauser Bausch & Lomb adj scope mount user manual Rifles BuyItNow! $6. 300 Win. for using Scope . I am not sure if this is all correct, especially the bands, does not include The History of Mauser The name Mauser is one of the oldest names in firearms. Our selection includes shooting equipment for Mosin Nagant and Springfield Armory. i have found this scope, but they are currently out of order Zrak Scope Mount M98 for Yugo M48 Mauser so does anyone have any suggestions? Buy 7mm Spanish Mauser 1902 Great Condition-Sporterized w/ Scope-Price Dropped: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 893186928 Spanish Mauser M93 bolt action rifle in 7x57mm made in Spain by the Famas D’Armes in 1902. 308 it's in rough condition but it would make a nice lil hunting rifle that shoots a cheeper round then 8mm or 7mm I was thinking about using brass stackers scout scope mount and making it into a scout rifle! Find 7 x 57 Mauser Reloading Dies, and 7 x 57 Mauser Die Sets for sale here: Get the right 7 x 57 Mauser Reloading Die or 7 x 57 Mauser Die Set for your press here at Midsouth. If you own a M93 or M98 Mauser and you're thinking of installing a scope on it, consider installing a pistol scope and saving some money. 1916 Spanish Mauser 7X57MM Bolt Action Good ConditionOther FEATURES: Overall Good Used Condition Small Ring Mauser Needs To Be CLEANED Coated In COSMOLINE Not All Come With Cleaning Rod Other FEATURES2: Stock SHOWS DENTS, DINGS And Small Minor CRACKS Dark SHOOTABLE Bore UNMARKED Or Scrubbed RECIEVER "Sold AS Is No RETURNS" Caliber: 7X57MM Mauser Type Action: Bolt Rate Of Twist: 1:8. and I think he ended up with $300 in it after adding a scout scope mount, and on my model 1893 7mm (from another INGOer). All Steel LSR Sniper Scope Mount for German Mauser The Spanish Mauser, firing 7×57mm cartridges, was used with great effect by the Spanish in the Spanish‑American War. In the mid 50s when NATO went to . Mauser Banner and Zrak Scope mounts The mounts most seen appear to be copies of original post war Mauser Swing Bridge Mounts that mount the scope higher than normal. The rifle will end up being a 6. I'm kinda lucky because I have a good gunsmith in my area to put a scope on this 7 millimeter Mauser the right way Vintage Mauser Scope Mount for Model 95 and 98 You are considering a vintage Redfield Scope Mount for Mauser 98 & 95 Rifles. You are considering a vintage Remington Rolling Block #5 Barrel chambered for 7mm Mauser. The 7x57 came before the 8x57 in the 1898. 3x57mm Swedish moose rifle built on a Mauser 98 action that retains the original three-position Mauser safety. 95 (Save 15%) $220. Mauser M03 Mount Ring Base M034051. But when I asked how my 7mm Mauser would work as a deer rifle, I was impressed by the number of positive responses. Scope Mount Set Fits Large Ring Mauser M-98, Herters J9, Marlin 455, Viscount $29. The barrel was full of 7MM Mauser is one of the better hunting cal for medium sized game (deer). 308WIN) round. Still at the price with almost 200 rounds of factory ammo, I picked it up. swedish carbine mauser. My understanding it is a shorten version of the M1893. Add to Compare. Small Ring Mauser 98 Stock. You can put a LER or pistol scope on this "scout mount". Fits most small ring (1 1/4") Mauser models 93, 94, 95 and 96. Align the mount and base and push the scope forward. 00 Scope Mount K98 Scout. 5 x 55 Mauser. 00. According to sources, these rifles were made by the Ovideo arsenal between 1916 and 1951. It still doesn't clear a scope very well. 950 to . 3 which means its very low. K98 Mauser Rifle Stocks synthetic for sale, aftermarket Mauser Parts and Accessories On Sale Shop our selection of Mauser 98,96,VZ 24 no drill scope mounts, Bipods, scope kits all on sale. This mount now uses the top hat anchor instead of a setscrew. 95: A-358: Weaver Style Scope Rings for 1” tube: $29. So this mount will require a long eye relief scope longer than the NcStar series of LER Buy 7mm Spanish Mauser 1902 Great Condition-Sporterized w/ Scope-Price Dropped: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 893186928 Mauser Actions; 1) Small Ring M-1893-1896 1. It was among the first of a number of late 19th‑ early 20th‑Century conflicts the 7mm Mauser cartridge proved its worth. The tag said:Spanish Mauser, 7mm. 65 mm bullets will have more punch. As soon as the Ottomans saw the Spanish Modelo of 1893, they placed an order for 201,00 rifles in the new configuration. 43 Spanish. Made with pride in the USA. com T38MC / T38MCSS. 694" at the muzzle and is target crowned. Founded in Oberndorf, Germany, in 1874 as Königliche Waffen Schmieden, the company was an effort started by the Mauser brothers, Peter and Wilhelm, several years earlier when they designed and produced rifles for the Prussian military. Checking headspace is a requirement of used Mauser 98s and Mosin Nagents or Ariskas too. Winchester 70, 7mm WSM Rifle Part. M1893 Spanish Mauser 7mm Bolt Action Rifle. The Chileans specified a small additional safety lug for the bolt. Millett Scope Mount Rings Fn Mauser Weatherby Med 1 Matte Weaver Style Cp40716 Wwii Spanish Mauser 1941 Fn Toledo Bayonet With Scabbard Frog Real Bullet Most important of these was the Spanish Model 1893, the first Mauser with a staggered-column box magazine. Partial list includes German K-98s, Czech VZ-24s, Yugo 24/47s, Yugo 48/48As, Turkish 1903/1937/1938/1946s, etc Check out the deal on Brass Stacker Mauser Scout Scope Mount at MSP - Mounting Solutions Plus Discover brass stacker Glock accessories at Mounts Plus at 5% discount. CCOP USA Aluminum Rifle Scope Base Mount for FN Herstal Mauser 98 Ab-mau003. Spain bought licenses from Mauser in Germany and built the rifles in their own armories (Oviedo and La Caruña) The wobble in the bolt when open is normal. 62 loading for Spanish guns Myth: This one was researched well by Ian of the Forgotten Weapons channel on YouTube and he went right to the source (CETME) for his info. Now, I've done a fair bit of research on the round and I've found that the round is actually fairly capable but manufacturers don't load hotter powders for fear of older blocks not being able to handle the pressure and exploding. According to The History Channel’s Tales of the Gun, the Mauser 98 was “the best bolt action rifle ever made. Paid under 400. 5mm diameter tube. Many were also converted into FR7 rifles for military training and Guardia Civil use. Follow these instructions carefully for assembly. Interestingly, the M1916 short rifle and M1893 long Description. Hexalock 1 Inch Scope Mount for Mauser M98 and M12 - 80214941. same number as the rifle on both parts. He also has my Swedish Mauser. 2 pounds, superb condition, Griffin & Howe 7mm Mauser (7x57). 00. I bought a Bergara 6. The Spanish intended the FR-7 (converted from 7mm) and FR-8 (converted from the 8mm Model 1943) to be training rifles for the CETME and to fire the same cartridge. The wood is unsanded and good other than some gouges. It’s not merely a hunting rifle, but ­something which MAUSER has always symbolized: the ­ultimate gun for all men at all times. Many Mauser conversions come up short because of the wing-style safety. The Spanish M1893 is commonly Known in Spanish service as the 7mm Cartucho para Mauser, it consisted of a rimless, bottlenecked case 57mm long topped with a 173-grain roundnose full-metal-jacketed bullet moving at 2,300 fps. 92x57) Brass Stacker™ Brand Products manufactures high quality parts and accessories for your Mauser 8mm (7. There are few things more satisfying than breathing life into an old machine, especially when that machine is a firearm. com View sold price and similar items: Spanish/Oviedo 1928 Dated Mauser - 7mm Mauser from Cordier Auctions & Appraisals on Invalid date EDT. Complete Mauser action… $99. Model M-93 1916 Spanish Mauser Rifle Bolt Sleeve Vintage Gun Part Good condition. By Royal Order of 30 January 1893, the 7 mm Mauser rifle received the denomination of “Mauser especial 1892”. And this V. 7mm 7x57 8mm 71 or 84 98 or 22 98k 762 EGW SCOPE BASE MAUSER 98 LARGE Mauser M1807MM Mauser M18 Bolt 7mm Remington Magnum 24. . P. Carl Gustaf Swedish Mauser 6. The big problem I find is the huge rear site built into the rear reciever ring, and a scope mounting would just about ruin it. N and Mark X actions. 25. Spanish M1916 rifle The M1916 rifle was introduced in 1916. I enjoyed shooting the 7mm Mauser rd, but have not shot the FR8. The weaker Spanish 7. The 7mm short rifle's rear sight is a tangent type, graduated to 14 hundred meters. Fits barrel diameters . Has been a great rifle and now A 7mm bullet fits into the muzzle about to the base of the ogive, and although a 7mm Mauser case will chamber, I can't get the extractor to snap over the rim. swedish mauser parts. In 1893 an improved design was chambered for the 7mm cartridge and became the military mainstay of Spain, (in fact it is still sometimes referred to as the Spanish Mauser in the U S and for good reason). I have a project that I am working on. It needed a fair amount of fitting to accommodate the thickness of the barrel, the bent bolt handle, and the Timney trigger. 30 in diameter are 8. The Spanish M1893 is commonly referred to as the "Spanish Mauser". Also known as the 7x57mm Mauser, the 7mm Spanish Mauser, and the . 7mm mauser improved. It was the high-performance champion of its day when compared to other smokeless-powder cartridges such as the 8mm Lebel, . 00. 3x57, 6. 62×51mm CETME round. The wood is very good and has a nice cartouche on it. The 7mm Mauser, occasionally known as the 275 Rigby, or the 7 x 57mm Mauser is military based cartridge from the famed rifle and ammo designer Paul Mauser. 39 On Sale This came off Spanish 7mm Mauser dated 1901 Fabrica de Arms Ovieda Pin is bent. 00: 6d 23h 16m 11073135. I took it to the range, and had much less than acceptable results at 100yds. The M1893 was based on the experimental M1892 rifle, which Paul Mauser developed for the Spanish Army as part of a program to correct deficiencies in the Mauser Platform Products, 8mm (7. The mount is precision machined, hot blued and calibrated for scopes with 26. The 7mm Mauser is also known as the 7X57, 7mm Spanish Mauser, and . barrel is 24 3/4" long and measures 1. It was a repeating rifle with a cartridge rack containing five smokless bullets. 5. Mauser 98 Large Ring Picatinny Rail 0 MOA (Commercial) SKU:47000 From $39. I fitted it with a Swarovski Z5 3. Some had straight bolts, I think the M44 model had the K98 style stock. 00 56 models Leupold Standard 2-Piece Rifle Scope Mount Base (96) As Low As (Save Up to 44%) $22. See the closeup pics for actual condition. 5 out of 5 stars (2) Total Ratings 2, $48. Produced by Many Firms In addition to the Mauser firm, leading producers of Mausers Spanish Model 1893 7mm Mauser caliber rifle. $54. Short rifle. Built in 1902. . Mauser Large Ring Barrel in 6mm-284 Norma and is a Shilen Stainless Steel barrel. Specifications Scope Tube Size / […] I looked over a Swedish mauser M41 missing its mount and scope. XS sight systems rear sight fitted. The Mauser rifles Loewe manufactured for export were the most technically advanced rifles made anywhere and were beautifully fabricated from the highest Mauser produced 12,000 m/1894 carbines between 1894 and 1896 and Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori 115,000 m/1894 carbines between 1895 and 1933, giving a total of 127,000 m/1894 carbines. But otherwise, a Chilean contract Loewe M1896 is mechanically the same rifle as a Model 1894 or Model 1896 Swedish Mauser. Mauser 6 5x55 Stripper Clips. Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in Mauser parts, 100,000 gun parts, 1200 gun stocks, 4000 magazines, 150 barrels. I have a Husquvarna 9. I had a 1947 Spanish Mauser that someone had Sporterized it had a 1022 rear sight on it and no way to mount a scope. MSS1500. 303 Lee Enfield (S. The 1916 Spanish Mauser was originally built as a 7MM long barreled 1893 Mauser. It will NOT fit Argentine, Chilean, Czechoslovakian, Swedish, Spanish or Turkish Mausers. 3. Made at Oviedo in 1923, and in 7mm Mauser. All visible numbers were matching except cleaning rod. Calibre/Item: 6. fit large ring Swedish Mauser M38/M96 6. They still need care, attention and maintenance, just like any other gun. Mauser-pattern bolt-actions were manufactured in countries including Germany, Turkey, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Belgium, Argentina and Chile, so the round the rifle fires can help you identify the rifle's origins and model, like the 1891 Argentine, 1909 Argentine, Spanish 1893, Chilean 1895 and the Swedish 1896. $224. ; Bolt Action; 26" Barrel; Clean Bore, Swivel Mounts, High Mount Cheek Rest Stock, Rail mounts for scope, internal hinge plate mag. Though the model was adopted by other countries. Military and commercial Mauser parts. $25 . It will fit the Model 1916 Spanish Mausers with recoil lug and the FN Herstal 7mm x 57 Venezuelan short. 243 M12 Impact Silver (IMPACT) Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - New Many Mauser conversions come up short because of the wing-style safety. Our selection includes shooting equipment for Mosin Nagant and Springfield Armory. Bulk Ammunition on sale, including 7x57mm (7mm Mauser) Rifle Rounds. 35 Remington, 9. 96 Hogue Full Bed Block Rifle Stock for Mauser 98 (2) $259. It's a Spanish 93 Mauser thats been butchered a long time ago. 308, the Spanish shortened the chamber by cutting off the breech and setting it back, rechambered it to . The AA98 MAUSER precision stock is made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. Redfield 1" Compact Lightweight Scope Mount Kit with Rings and Base. Built in Weaver Scope Mount, Sling Swivel Studs, Recoil Pad. Brownells is your source for Mauser Barrel at Brownells parts and accessories. The fitting was pretty good and so was the metal. The stock I bought from Brownells, raw. 990". The first of the long-eyed Relief Snipers—the original scout rifle—is copied even today. mauser broomhandle. 99 Swedish Mauser 3 Hole for Stripper Clip Undrilled Picatinny Rail 0 MOA SKU:47034 From I have a Chilean Mauser 1895 in 7x57 with a Lyman peep sight on the rear. Shop for Best Price Rifle Scope 7mm Mauser . Bright bore. 00. 620. Model 1916 Spanish Mauser Rifle Bolt Sleeve. 00. 1893. See more ideas about mauser, rifle, bolt action rifle. No drill, no tap, no permanent modification to your Swedish Mauser rifles No need to remove the upper handguard, retain the original m Scope Mount Set fits Mauser 93, 94, 95, Swedish 96 / 38 Spanish 1916 NEW. Second-Model 1893 - 7MM Spanish Mauser Description: Second-Model 1893 - 7MM Spanish Mauser. . This gave it impressive ballistics compared to other cartridges of the day. Original 1916 short rifles were in 7mm Mauser (7x57). $275. Fajen Remington 721 Or Mauser 98 Rifle Stock We manufacture two lines of high quality scope mounts: 1. Check out the deal on Brass Stacker Mauser Scout Scope Mount at MSP - Mounting Solutions Plus Discover brass stacker Glock accessories at Mounts Plus at 5% discount. Scope mount: Not tempered, with Tempered, and with an a number of its own, adjusting bolt for the matching numbers on position of the scope, both parts. 29" barrel. It is known as . clone Czech hand guard $24 I changed the barrel and refinished the stock and drilled and tapped for the scope. 00 BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER FOR A FIREARM, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ OUR FIREARMS ORDERING INFORMATION TO AVOID HAVING YOUR ORDER CANCELED The 7mm Mauser, aka the 7X57mm Mauser, broke ground in the military and remains a top hunting choice today. MFG: La Coruna. It is a tad shorter by 1/4" to 5/16" than V. It's at the gunsmith right now with a stripped screw hole in the scope mount. Calibre/Item: 6. The S&K scout scope mount requires no drilling, so I'm still good, I think. This action is relatively similar in size to the classic renowned G-33/40 Mauser Mountain Carbine action. Developed in 1892 as a military cartridge, Peter Paul Mauser’s brainchild certainly made a splash among the ballisticians and military minds of era; even our own beloved . 30/40 Krag and going to the. Check Rifle Compatibility NOTE: Gen 2 NDT scope mount is now elevation adjustable and works for both Swedish Mauser Model M38 AND M96 (including M96/38) : Does NOT work for Model 1894. 1 product rating - Millett Scope Mount Rings FN Mauser Weatherby Med 1" Matte Hi. 275 Rigby, the 7mm Mauser was one of the first cartridges designed from the outset to use smokeless powder. 62 Nato SR are also still in the white. Vz 24 Mauser Sniper Scope Mount. It shares the same action, but features a shorter 21 3/4" barrel and bent bolt handle. Sold to the highest bidder as shown. what kind of bullets for fn mauser 98. FITS STANDARD LARGE-RING, GERMAN K-98 RIFLES INCLUDING: Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48 / 48a, Turkish 1903 / 1937 / 1938 Thousands of beautiful custom sporters in useful calibers like 7x57mm Mauser, 257 Roberts, 8x57mm Mauser, . The MAUSER 18 is more than just another ­component; it is the whole package. 52 QuickView ATI MSS1500 Mauser K98 Stock With Scope Mount Fits Standard mauser Bent Bolt, Large-Ring German K98 mauser rifles, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48 48a, Turkish 1903 1937 1938 1946 etc. Does anyone know of any readily available scope mounts for the earlier Mausers? Many 2. 250-3000 Savage have been turned out using small ring actions, which have a number of advantages some believe offset the fact that they can’t be chambered for the . Buy Now Evolution Gun Works Picatinny Scope Mount, Yugoslavian Mauser M48 $39. to/2lWjVTGNohma Leather 1" Rifle Sling: http One (1) new in box B-Square Weaver-style 'no-drill' scout-style scope mount and rings for 1893 and 1916 Spanish Mausers. The M1943 Mauser was adopted as a replacement for the various previous models of rifles that had survived the Spanish Civil war 1936-39. It also used the small caliber 7mm round, the smallest caliber available until the advent of the Swedish Mauser 6. While not the best made Mauser the 1893 represents a significant model as it was the first of the flush staggered magazine and non-rotating extractor. 7mm or 8mm caliber. Using the model 1893 rifles, Spain developed the Spanish Civil Guard, M1916 Short Rifle, a rifle that changed a 29 inch long barrel to 21 inches. SERIAL #: RE2073 DESIGN: Bolt action with internal magazine. This mount is manufactured to accept all Weaver style or Picatinny Rings, which are not included. The over 100-year-old military cartridge is still useful for today’s sportsmen, and there’s plenty of components for reloaders. 458 Brownells is your source for 7mm Mauser at Brownells parts and accessories. The original Mauser safety is an excellent one, provided one chooses not to mount a conventional scope. if it is stamped 7mm express the 280 and 7mm express are similar and a longer case than the 7x57 and shouldn't fit the chamber. Aircraft Aluminum. Mausers info@mojosights. This mount system serves dual purposes. Mauser's first successful design was a single-shot, 11mm, bolt-action rifle that became the forerunner of many improved designs. 5mm round in 1895. 308,and rebored the barrel to 30 cal. This model comes equipped with dual triggers, sling mounts, 7MM Spanish Mauser. I try to take as many pictures as possible so you know what you are buying. ). Kale, Spanish M43, VZ. It also comes with 4 machined steel 1" spacers so that 1" scope can be installed. The round was first adopted by the Kingdom of Spain at the end of the 19th century. The 1891 has no pressure relief system in case of a ruptured primer or ruptured case. I have been working on it on a off for a few years to make something usefull out of it. Click to Enlarge . Scope: m/41 Ajack 4x90 m/41 B , an improved m/41 or m/42 AGA 3x65 (a "B" stamped on the left or m/44 Nife 3x side, behind "1941"). No bolt disassembly lug, bottom and side sling mounts, bent bolt but no relief in the stock. NOT. It is somewhat ironic that the rifles we in North America know so well as the "Swedish Mauser" were never called that by the military in Sweden. SSAA Gun Sales has been designed to be Australia’s most comprehensive firearms and accessories trading website. 99 (Save 10%) $36. 8MM. The Spanish arsenal rebuilt them in 1916 and shortened them to carbine length. Otherwise rifle is in excellent condition. Fits 7mm/8mm, Large-ring, standard Bent-bolt, Mauser 98s. By. Last edited by Dimner; 01-22-2020 at 04:13 PM . 300 Savage and . 00. Receiver wrench Glass beaded and deburing of the rough machining started Spanish FR8 Mauser In excellent condition except previous owners ground off rear sight and drilled and tapped for scope mount. 44-77 Sharps Aero Precision Ultralight 1 Piece Scope Mount 34mm Extended- Black Mauser Rifle Stocks. Last edited by Dimner; 01-22-2020 at 04:13 PM . Furnished "in the white" this blank will require fitting to the action of your choice and finish chambering by an experienced gunsmith. Kale, Spanish M43, VZ. 50 in length, Straight side walled receiver with screw spacing of 7. The scope is a Leupold VX Freedom 1. 95 each, or 10 for $895. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. SPANISH MAUSER 7MM 1906 BOLT ACTION Description: Spanish Mauser Oviedo chambered for the 7X57 mm shell with a 22" barrel with a good to very good bore. Sharp rifling, and very fine corrosion in the grooves from corrosive primers. It might be a surplus Spanish barrel. Not a low value rifle. The original Mauser safety is an excellent one, provided one chooses not to mount a conventional scope. Mauser Scope Mount: Must use the bent Bolt handle. 99 Egw Mauser 98 Large Ring Picatinny Rail Scope Mount Commercial 0 Moa The receiver is drilled and tapped to take scope mount bases made for the F. 257 Roberts, 6. See Thru Scope Mounts, Butt Stock Ammo Carriers, Padded Rifle Slings, and Recoil Lug Nut Spanner Wrenches are available here. Align the lever (spännarm) on the mount with the pin (spännstift) on the base and push the lever forward so that the front of the mount bears against the recoil stop screw (ställskruv). Built-in scope mount allows multiple positions for rifle scopes. My test rifle in . This rifle is very good condition. Our selection includes shooting equipment for Mosin Nagant and Springfield Armory. It was a huge contract for the original rifles made in Germany until Spain contracted to build their own. The mount is simple to operate and absolutely reliable. 3) Spanish M1893 Mauser. History Of The 7mm Mauser. 65, *Good* Mauser M1916 Cleaning Rod, Spanish, 17. Six locking lugs enable scopes to be mounted and removed with repeatability. As is, with free shipping included. Nikon scopes are good and I've had some Bushnell from Wally world that have been good quality scopes for the money. 308, the Spanish shortened the chamber by cutting off the breech and setting it back, rechambered it to . The new MAUSER 18 condenses hunting to its fundamental form: pure, no-frills ­workmanship. Yugo 48 Mauser Scout Scope Mount Weaver Style - S&K Mounts 98K Mauser Scout, Spanish and Brazilian 1934 Scope Mount We offer both receiver mounts and scout mounts for the Mauser. Sling swivel studs. I. 2. However, if you are shooting 7mm out of it, then so be it. rifles. IF THIS ISNT GOOD ENOUGH For many years I’ve hankered after a K98 sniper rifle, so I decided to search for a suitable candidate. Please call a gunsmith and clarify what you have! I am a potential buyer! LN 02/09/2020: A: 7MM MAUSER, 7MM EXPRESS, & 7X57MM MAUSER SHOULD INTERCHANGE SAFELY. This is a Scope Mount for the K98 rifle. Ball added that the Mauser was “a safe and robust rifle All 7mm cartridges owe a tip-o’-the-hat to the 7x57mm Mauser. 24 and Argentine M1909 BadAce Tactical Check Rifle Compatibility NOTE: Works on the following Mauser models: Yugo M48, M24/47 Turkish Model 1938, including K. Can't wait to get it back. Good looking rifle and 7 mm is an excellent cartridge! Scope mounts for a 1916 spanish mauser? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Win An FDE FN Scar 17S Rifle w/ Trijicon VCOG Scope & Guard Dog Body Armor Package ($7200 Value!) Click Here To Enter. No import marks. Here’s a photo tour of a Spanish ’93 Mauser rifle which I received in terrible shape and then proceeded to rebuild. 5mm x 8 twist blank to mount up. c. This dual purpose no gunsmith mount system has two layers of mounts. Good bore. We have 7 x 57 Mauser dies for sale, from great brands like Forster, Hornady, Lee, Lyman, RCBS, and Redding Reloading Products. I think the Boars showed the Brits how effective the little Mauser was as well. I recently bought this M1916 Spanish 7mm Mauser. ATI Mauser 98 Stock With Scope Mount Polymer Black ATI Mauser 98 Stock With Scope Mount Polymer Black. The 7 X 57 is also called the 7mm Mauser, was created in 1892 and chambered in the Spanish Mauser. 30-06 Springfield shows definite ties to the Mauser design. I was in one of my favorite old gun stores yesterday and I pawed a gun that seemed interesting. It looks almost as if the K98 mounts would fit, but I haven’t found anything to support this. Midsouth has the parts you need to build, update, customize, or repair your gun In-Stock! Find the Mauser Stocks you need for sale as well as Green Mountain Barrels, Anderson, Del-Ton, and Adams Arms parts, Geissele and Timney Triggers, Plus many more at great prices! Bausch & Lomb adjustable scope mount MAUSER: $30. Swedish Mauser is a term that was first applied to these fine rifles when they reached the surplus arms market. Kale, Spanish M43 & VZ. In Europe, Serbia adopted the cartridge, and it became a popular sporting cartridge all over Europe. Scope Mount . This rifle was produced in 1896. 62 NATO (. The markings pretty much show it as what navynambu said, a M43 Spanish, worked into a sniper/scoped rifle. 24 and Argentine M1909 BadAce Tactical Check Rifle Compatibility NOTE: Works on the following Mauser models: Yugo M48, M24/47 Turkish Model 1938, including K. Discussion Starter Misc. The US 03 Springfield is actually a licensed copy of the '98 Mauser. and . Notes: The Green Mountain Barrels for the Mauser are not stamped. by wkato » Mar 30, 2012. The rifle is in very good condition, with an excellant bore. C Mauser Hexalock 1 Inch Scope Mount for Mauser M98 and M12 – 80214941 Description The Mauser M12 Hexalock mount is for M12 and 98 actions. Mauser 98 Karbine Model M24/47 was first manufactured in 1924 with FN (Browning) technology, and was known as the M24. Matte Black. The Model 92 Spanish rifle and carbine introduced a new Mauser smokeless powder caliber--7mm. The barreled action was sitting in a new unfinished walnut stock. Steve Kehaya. Mag. The rifle is dated 1925 and was made by CVIEDO. The Spanish Mauser, firing 7x57mm cartridges, was used with great effect by the Spanish in the Spanish-American War. No Gunsmithing . Quick View. It features a 22-inch barrel, 5-round internal magazine, Bushnell Sportview 3-9x38mm scope, and wood stock (this is a left hand stock on a right hand rifle). Badacetactical. 5x55 or in the original chambering, 7mm Mauser. It has a solid left receiver sidewall, the stripper-clip guide notch has been omitted and the bridge is left smooth. Save spanish mauser to get mexican model 1936 mauser short rifle complete spring & follower 7mm mauser cal. $480. 4 5+1 Sy Scope Bases / Mounts; Scope Covers; The final long-slide, side-mount model of the renowned German Army sniper rifle of World War II used both scope and iron sights. We manufacture two lines of high quality scope mounts: 1. My 5th Spanish Buy Spanish M1893 7mm Mauser Bolt Action Sporting Rifle Scope Antique: GunBroker is the largest seller of Antique Guns Collectible Firearms All Samco Global Arms Imports - M1916 Spanish Mauser - Cal. ALL you need to put a . All hunting rifles made by MAUSER are based on traditional, down-to-earth values, combined with the most modern of rifle technology. The 7x57 was developed by the famous German firm of Mauser in 1892, and adopted by the Spanish government in 1893. Subsequently, several Latin American countries adopted the 7x57, including Mexico. 125. The Spanish Empire was among the very first to adopt it for their forces. Built in 1902. This item Scout Rifle Scope Mount With Weaver Rail For Mauser K98 98 Series Rifles [Misc. on your new or old Gun Stock . Kale, ASFA/ANK ARA Czech VZ. The Mauser rifle. + "M-1903 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE" US WW1 WW2 SNIPER SCOPE BAYONET GUN REFERENCE BOOK. Modified stock and fitted with scope mounts. Match the cartridge the rifle fires with a likely country of origin and model. Where I'm going with this is can I use my Swedish Mauser scope mount on a Chilean? I'd like to use a scope while doing load development, but I would like not to drop another 75 bucks on a mount. Turned down bolt, 5 round magazine. 99 $7. Supplies of German weapons during the war had led to the decision to adopt the 7. I think most of the 1916's did. This auction is for the pictured Bolt Sleeve Model 1916 M-93 Spanish Mauser rifle. Teddy Roosevelt and company took many casualties due to the 7mm, and it got the military to thinking, eventually discarding the. Mauser Spanish Model M43. Compare Price and Options of Rifle Scope 7mm Mauser from variety stores in usa. 5-4. 308 Win. Compare. Asking $300. M. The Ottomans received 280,000 1890 rifles, the remainder of the 1887 contract. 308,and rebored the barrel to 30 cal. 3x57mm Swedish moose rifle built on a Mauser 98 action that retains the original three-position Mauser safety. I had an Interarms 98 in 22-250 that was a tackdriver and I wish I still had it. barrels for 1891 mauser. Mauser worked in an arms plant prior to entering the German Army in 1859. Rifle Scope 7mm Mauser BY Rifle Scope 7mm Mauser in Articles If you find product , Deals. The 7mm Spanish Model 1893 gave American soldiers a scare of their lives in our war with them in Cuba (1898-99). Small ring have a threaded shank diameter of . Shop our vast selection and save! After I got the scope mount done and my scope in, I had to use a high set of rings to clear the bolt handle. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! No gunsmith dual purpose mount for Swedish Mauser M96. german mauser scope bases Swedish Mauser Rifle Manual 1999 Anders J. The question is will a small ring 96 1 piece base fit on this 93 Spanish mauser? Mauser Scope Mount found in: Leupold 1-Piece STD Steel Base - Mauser 95/98, Gloss Black, Weaver 2-Piece (Pairs) Top Mount Aluminum Scope Base - Matte - Mauser 98, Leupold 2-Piece Quick Release (QR) Base - Mauser FN, Gloss Black,. The M1916 Spanish Mauser was a short rifle developed from the M1893 Spanish Mauser rifle. The M1893 was based on the experimental M1892 rifle, which Paul Mauser developed for the Spanish. Sorry ZEKE, I hate to disagree, but the FR-8 was a rebuild of the 1943 Spanish Mauser made at La Caruna, and is a 98 style action. 65x53 smokeless powder cartridge. You will need to have the bolt bent, the action drilled and tapped, and an aftermarket safety so it will work with a scope mounted. A couple months back, I bought a spanish 1916 short mauser in 7mm mauser. . There is no major damage however, no deep gouges, cuts or rust. snipermedic2006 · Registered. Note: This mount will fit the Model 1895 equipped with the Long Ladder sight, with mounting holes measuring 2" apart. L. by LarsRobert » Oct 19, 2011. 5×55 Swedish Mauser, 300 Savage and 250 Savage, or the original 7. Aug 2, 2017 - Explore Jefferson Perry's board "mauser rifle" on Pinterest. ) is a first-generation smokeless powder rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge. 5 x 55 cal. It is designed to be used with a rifle scope ONLY! Virtually indestructible, waterproof and includes an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. It's an 8mm Mauser K98 clone but with a few differences. JR FN For FN Mauser! 99. com Gen 2 Ultra Low-Profile Scout Mount for Mauser Yugo M48, K. Mag. FN Bases (refer to Mauser) H&R Heym Howa Krico Mannlicher Schonauer Marlin Mauser Musgrave Omark Parker Hale Remington Rover Ruger Sako Sauer Stevens Savage. Scope Mount Set Fits Mauser 93, 94, 95, Swedish 96 / 38 Spanish 1916 New 7mm Spanish Mauser Snap Caps Stripper Clip 7x57 Dummy Rounds Wwi Wwii 1898 Spain. The FR-8 uses a Model 98 Mauser action and is more than adequately strong for any 7. scope mounts 6 5 swedish mauser. WTK: '93 Spanish Mauser scope mount question . Some were later re-barreled to use the 7. With excellent optics and long range zoom, this scope will help you pull off 900 and 1000 yard shots with ease. It still has the limitations regarding ring position and eye relief adjustment. Order Mauser Model 1893 Spanish Rifle rifle parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corp. It’s the “potential” problems with too much pressure. 4 inches long in 7mm Rem. Pulled the modern scope mount off and as I thought it would, it said "Fabrica de Armas Oviedo" over 1913. Griffin & Howe 7mm Mauser ( 7x57 ), Fugger gold busts, Mauser 98, 7. Where I'm going with this is can I use my Swedish Mauser scope mount on a Chilean? I'd like to use a scope while doing load development, but I would like not to drop another 75 bucks on a mount. The MAUSER brand has stood as a symbol for the real, successful hunting experience for over 140 years. 24 German G24(t) Spanish M43, Spanish Air Force M43 Argentine Model 1909 Persien Mauser M98/29 Belgium FN Mauser 30-06 (FN 24/30 This Spanish 1916 Mauser scout mount will allow you to mount a long eye relief scope to the rear sight of your old military rifle. 56: Mauser: Small ring military: 308: Mauser: Spanish Military: 7mm: Mauser: Agentine military w/bayonet Find 7x57mm (7mm Mauser) Ammo for sale, in-stock and ready to ship at Ammo Freedom. However, this was completely a Mauser design. 7mm Rimmed Mauser (7x57r) 7x64mm Brenneke; . It requires Check out the deal on Brass Stacker Mauser Scout Scope Mount at MSP - Mounting Solutions Plus Discover brass stacker Glock accessories at Mounts Plus at 5% discount. 308 Win. 275 Rigby in the United Kingdom. 6 5 x55 sporter swedish mausers for sale. Joined Oct 11, 2006 · 44 Posts . Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 7MM REMINGTON MAGNUM Bolt Action Rifles at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Please do not attempt to purchase this gun if it is illegal in your state. PLEASE Gen 2 Ultra Low-Profile Scout Mount for Mauser Yugo M48, K. Go there and watch his video about the Spanish light load for the CETME. 980 in. Kale, ASFA/ANK ARA Czech VZ. 92 calibre round to replace the 7mm used since the 1890s. I’ve been looking to find options for scope mounts, though I haven’t turned up much. Insta-Mounts for ex-military rifles without drilling and 2. 5X 7 Variable Power Long-Eye-Relief Scope, 28 mm Objective Lens, Duplex Reticle, 1” Tube: $199. The one I kept is a Spanish Mauser that has the barrel cut to 18", right in front of the barrel band, and fitted with a Leupold scout scope transforming it into a mannlicher looking scout rifle. Description: Spanish 1893 Short Rifle Mauser 7mm Metal is very good. LARGE RING MAUSER 8mm, Yugo 48, 98K, Argentine, SPANISH 1916 MAUSER SCOUT (Weaver Style) $ 78. to/2lWjIzSUTG 30mm Low Profile Rings: http://amzn. Scope Mounts pjf G25418XX Check out the deal on Brass Stacker Mauser Scout Scope Mount at MSP - Mounting Solutions Plus Discover brass stacker Glock accessories at Mounts Plus at 5% discount. Stock, Spanish Mauser 7MM 1901 See Description This was on a Spanish 7mm Mauser Marked Oviedo, Fabrica de Arms 1901. 95: These scope rings will fit all three mounts M48A-355 M63A-351 K98A-354 Specify your particular model: Weaver Style Scope Mount replaces rear sight ladder (drop-in mount requires no My Spanish Mausers (one 7mm and one 8mm) are excellent rifles. and Joe Poyer. Working with his brother Wilhelm Mauser (1834-1882), he developed a needle gun that was adopted by the German Army in 1871. Rifle number 2284 is special, a light sporter with spectacular gold relief engraving properly attributed to Joseph Fugger. I have a Husquvarna 9. It is chambered in 7×57 (aka 7mm Mauser), and it can shoot as well, and probably better than a Swedish Mauser in the same configuration. 96 Spanish 1893 1916 1895 Mauser 7mm Sporter Barrel 20 1/2 Inch Chilean Good Bore. The serial numbers are all matching. Our Low Price $114. The Model 1893 Mauser became known as “the Spanish Mauser” and was used by the Spanish Army But it was the Mauser designed 7x57, developed and first released in a Mauser rifle, pattern of 1889 that was to set the world alight. 62X51 NATO. Converted to use ever plentiful 7. It’s in good shape all around and has no damage to note — no deep cuts, gouges, rust pitting, or other deformations — just normal wear from usage, storage, and handling. And the last of the rifles, a Spanish 1893 pattern long rifle. Spanish 1916 Mauser Scout (Weaver Style If it was a true commercial Mauser I would suggest a Zeiss scope. The gun is a 1919 with a butter smooth action and a real nice bore, the problem is no sights. The FR7's were the 95 style. The Model 1916 is a modified version of the old Model 1893. 00 Federal Premium Ammunition 7mm MAUSER ROUND NOSE SOFT POINT FEDERAL AMMUNITION AMMO 1 count / 0302-1 - 7mm Mauser Commercial Rifle Parts, Mauser Commercial Rifle Stocks, Mauser Military Rifle Stocks, Mauser Synthetic Rifle Stocks, Mauser Pictol parts, Mauser Firing Pins, Mauser Pistol Magazines, Mauser Rifle magazines/ Mauser pistol grips, Mauser poser Spring Kits, Bob's Gun Shop Home / Product Company / Mauser Showing 1–24 of 25 results Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low 7mm Mauser (7x57) S&B 140gr FMJ Ammo, 20rd Box. This sight is one of our most popular. 62 NATO or . 25 mm, so your 7. Teddy Roosevelt found out how effective the 7mm Spanish cartridge was in his charge up San Juan Hill. 308 barrel and some modifications by the Spaniards. Overall, this Mauser is in good condition with normal use and finish wear. Our selection includes shooting equipment for Mosin Nagant and Springfield Armory. The rifle utilizes a . 1 review. Will . Mauser 5rd Stripper Clip, 7mm & 7. There isn't really any difinitive history saying civilian or military back in that time. 5x55 Swedish and the . This stock not only was easy to mount a scope on but was also very easy to install my rifle in . The Santa Barbara Mauser action has two massive locking lugs at the front end of the bolt that turn ito recesses in the receiver ring. 4 is only . Get News, Deals hey guys, i have a spanish m-43 , and i want to put a scope on it, not a scout scope, but a mount that will fit over the receiver, drilled and tapped. 444 Marlin. The scope and mount add about $130, so I'm encouraged by letters like yours that I will really enjoy it as a deer gun. 5x55 Make: Carl Gustaf Model: M96 1896 Action: Bolt repeater Scope/Sights: Mounts Condition: Good Price: $400 Advertised: 11/03/2021 Comment: M96 Mauser in good condition. Finance Now available with 12,24… £1,195 US$1,644/€1,404. The 7mm rifle and SR are still that way. Mauser .   Barrel: 21" Overall The Mauser brothers greatly improved certain features of the Commission Rifle using their own ideas and Ludwig Loewe started selling Mauser rifles to governments and hunters all over the world. Also known as Spanish mauser. That niche involved the plentiful, older military rifles and way of attaching and securing scope mounts with minimal efforts and no permanent alterations. The bore has strong rifling and is dark in the grooves. 004" higher than V. D. Mauser Scope Mounts Quickview. This is a used Mauser Spanish model 1893 chambered in 7mm. A little update on progress or lack of. Please see pictures. It was chambered for Mauser's new 7. Stock is fine but has been varnished. The Spanish arsenal rebuilt them in 1916 and shortened them to carbine length. $100. 24 German G24(t) Spanish M43, Spanish Air So I've been looking at a Spanish Mauser chambered in . It was a shortened version of the M1893 rifle with a straight stock chambered in 7mm Mauser. 7mm-08: Savage: 99 Tip off scope sights MVP Bench Rest: 5. In the mid 50s when NATO went to . It is a small ring Mauser and is limited to about 50k psi loads. was one of the first on American shores. 30/06 Springfield which was used in WWI and to a degree in WWII. Back in the 1950s, companies like Golden State Arms in Pasadena sold small ring Mexican 7mm Mauser actions for as low as $25, advertising they were ideal for rebarreling to “the latest big game Mauser Model GEW 98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle ** Mauser Model 1924 Bolt Action Rifle ** and Weaver 4x scope on Weaver mount. It is alittle heavy at 10 # but it helped to manage recoil and has made a rifle I hardly ever shot into one that is great to shoot! The Mauser Model 1893 is a bolt-action rifle commonly referred to as the Spanish Mauser, though the model was adopted by other countries in other calibers, most notably the Ottoman Empire. The bolt is more than likely an "intermediate ring" action. I really think the the "roller coaster sights" are neat and the 7mm Mauser round is pleasure to shoot. Beautiful Custom Oil Finish . spanish mauser scope mount. There are numerous variants of rifle, scope mounts and scopes available but it would be foolish to expect a “true” sniper rifle to turn up because they are extremely rare and could cost £10,000 plus. It fits a wide range of Mauser 98-actioned rifles from countries all over the world -the Czech VZ 24, 1908 Brazilian, 1938 Turk, 1948 Yugo, and many more. The Mauser action is one of the most infamous in the world of firearms engineering and development and the smooth, bolt operated design influenced many actions that followed. So I know it is a Spanish Mauser (well at least the action lol). Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing the pictures. I am to the point for a scope base. Military conversions are usually stamped with new caliber when done. S. 1916 Spanish Mausers at J&G SalesAim Sports Optic: http://amzn. 244 inch case. Hard to say if the mounts are military or not. 99 Remington 700, 721, 725, Sauer 100/101, Bergara B14 Long Action Picatinny Rail 20 MOA SKU:40102 From Swedish Mauser 3 Hole for Stripper Clip 20 MOA Undrilled Picatinny Scope Mount Ambidextrous SKU:47036 From $39. 92x57). The metal on this gun is mostly painted black with a few patches of very fine pits. The 7mm Mauser ammo actually has a bullet diameter of 7. A perfect reproduction of a high turret mount with split rings for easy scope installation. It also ensure maximum shooting stability. We have Mauser rifle stocks for sale with Scope Mounts built in for your K-98 and more on sale at great low prices. Anschutz This is the first Mauser design to use a staggered magazine, resulting in a flush magazine floorplate, instead of having the magazine protrude below the stock. 303 British, and 8mm Mannlicher. 99. 210" at the breech and. Add to Cart. 5x55 or SMALL ring Mausers, (Spanish M1916 They are the famous ZF-41 models with the long-eye scope mount built into the rear sight base. 5% sales tax if shipping to a WI address. Mauser scope mounts available for Small Ring, Large Ring, Argentine, 98K, Spanish, Spanish 1893,Spanish *This mount fits the majority of 8mm mil surp Mauser variant designs with K98 type recoil lug and rear sight blocks (K98k, M24/47, M48, etc. (Photo: Terril Herbert) If there is any other Mauser that comes close to the M98 in recognition, it has Enter S & K Scope Mounts, a company started in 1964 with a desire to provide mounts for specialty niche firearms market. 5x55 Make: Carl Gustaf Model: M96 1896 Action: Bolt repeater Scope/Sights: Mounts Condition: Good Price: $400 Advertised: 11/03/2021 Comment: M96 Mauser in good condition. 00. The Leopold 'standard' mount was servicable, but needed new rings. Pretty nice bore, and all matching except the safety. The rifle is a small ring, small shank receiver with the newer. ] GOTICAL Mauser K98 Rifle 7/8 Weaver Picatinny Rail Base Scope Rear Sight Mount Accessory 360 Tactical Optics Mounting Kit for Mauser 24/47 M48 K98 98 Rifles - Includes Scout Rifle Scope Mount Rail + Mount Rings GOTICAL Mauser K98 Rifle 7/8 Weaver Picatinny Rail Base Scope Rear Sight Mount Accessory BadAce Low-Profile Scout Picatinny Rail for Mauser Yugo M48, Turkish K. So much for destroying history, although I could get a replacement stock. Very minor blemishes. 285 projectile on top of a 2. Brand New. 50. mauser modelo argentino 1891. E) Sporter - Refer to Parker Hale Springfield Steyr-Mannlicher Tikka - T3 Titian Voere Weatherby Weihraugh Mod HW 66 Winchester Zastava. The rifle is 7x57 or 7mm mauser and I love it to death. rifle chilean mauser 1895 owner manual. Spanish FR8 Mauser. Mauser LER Scope Mount Low-Profile No Drill – BadAce Tactical. 62x53. It was among the first of a number of late 19th- early 20th-Century conflicts the 7mm Mauser cartridge proved its worth. Modified stock and fitted with scope mounts. My point is for the low cost I have an awesome looking rifle. 00. That doesn’t make a Mauser firearm invincible. Shop our vast selection and save! The Spanish Guardia appears to have had a different rear site attached in the conversion than any that would have been original for the pre 1900 models that the rifles orinally were (chambered in 7mm Mauser originally). Then I stained and finished it. Fits Chilean Mauser Model 1895. 25 Inches *Good* $12. 257 Rigby. Does yours have the 3rd locking ring (at the rear of the bolt)? It may or may not, Depending on when it was This is a 1893 Spanish Mauser I picked up at auction for $75 and I overpaid. Operated by the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA), it is an online service with free registration for SSAA members, dealers and the Australian shooting and hunting community, including firearm owners, collectors and enthusiasts.   All rifles will have missing hand guards and really trash cracked or broken stocks and or missing non essential parts. The round offers solid performance, its low pressure, original mauser caliber, PPU brass ammo is cheap to shoot and harvest the cases. This particular barrel has 8 lands and grooves. The original Hebelschwenkmontage mounts would have come with options of three heights. 2 models Hogue Mauser 98 Military and Sporter Action Rifle Scope As Low As (Save 15%) $135. 5X-18X-44mm scope in Talley rings. the barrel is drilled and tapped for a long scope mount and the holes are plugged with stainless threaded plugs barrel is 1 in 10 twist 8 groove has a matte An out and out scope for the targeting enthusiast, the Millet LRS-1 is a sub-$500 product that is perfect for a 7mm magnum rifle. 95 My 7mm Spanish Mauser's stock was already cut down a bit when I bought it. The total cost was less than $75 for rifle, scope, mounts, and having a gunsmith drill four holes in the barrel for the mounts. The 7×57mm Mauser (designated as the 7mm Mauser or 7×57mm by the SAAMI and 7 × 57 by the C. Our selection includes shooting equipment for Mosin Nagant and Springfield Armory. Removal of the scope Spanish Short rifle in 7MM . At least one refinished with receiver bluing, 7mm SR is reported, but it appears to be the only one. they have very flat trajectory so good for longer shots as the drop is not like that of a 30/30. Spanish 1916 Mauser Sporter Bolt Action Rifle, 22-250, 23" Barrel, 4x32 Scope, G-VG, Used. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a match shooter, or sniper, but I know I do my part. 2 Stick with 7mm Mauser, . The Swedish Mauser Rifles. , America's leading parts and accessories supplier since 1950. A five shot bolt action repeating rifle that was fed using stripper clips. I'd guess that it is a 7mm, but he's going to have a Gunsmith check it out to make sure. Save spanish mauser bayonet to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service & extensive product knowledge. The barrel band and the butt plate have nice case colors on them. $25. Rubber butt pad. built-in scope mount and is made of black, glass filled nylon. 66" Metal OK, so my first deer rifle was this 1924 dated 1893 Spanish mauser in 7mm ( sporterized--barrel shortened, stock cut back). Redfield 1" 4-Screw Duralite Rimfire Rings. 5mm x 55mm M96 SPORT Tasco 3-9x40 Scope Saskatoon · 750 Valid PAL Required 6. Add to Cart. 308 Winchester load. 24 360 Tactical Optics Mounting Kit for Mauser 24/47 M48 K98 98 Rifles - Includes Scout Rifle Scope Mount Rail + Mount Rings Cold-hammer-forged barrels are 22 inches long in standard chamberings, and 24. 99 New. First off it seems the Argentine Mauser was 7. [1] Some carbines were lost from regular use by conversion to sub-caliber targeting & practice devices for artillery pieces. . The bottom steel mount is a fully functional "scout mount" that is installed on the rear sight. I bought it from Springfield Sporters off of 422 in 1976 for either $26 or $28 ( have the receipt somewhere). 7mm spanish mauser scope mount