cedar cladding treatment Canadian wrc is undoubtedly the most popular choice for timber cladding projects in the UK. Timber Cladding, Cedar Timber Cladding, Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding and Cedar Shingles supplied nationwide by Vincent Timber Telephone: 0121 772 5511 Pressure Treated Softwood Cladding. The Japanese call it “Yakisugi (焼杉)”. Apex cladding undergoes a special treatment to emboss textures mimicking that of actual hardwood, then sealed with a high-grade acrylic polymer. It is generally available in imported Douglas fir and western red cedar, plus all the main hardwood cladding timbers, except elm. Western Red Cedar cladding from Silva can be supplied factory coated enabling it to be installed at any time of year regardless of the weather or temperature. Standard sizes tend to be 19x90, 19x115, 19x140 and even 19x190mm! Southgate Timber offers the best quality screws & treatment products. The lower two images were taken in September 2018. Soap and water. Lumberyards and home improvement stores commonly hold large quantities of the ubiquitous dog-eared, cedar fence boards. All our exterior wood cladding is sustainably sourced from our suppliers, most of which is either FSC or PEFC certified, and has been carefully selected to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality at the most competitive prices. Whatever your construction needs, transform indoor and outdoor spaces with Cedar Sales’ section of the finest vertical timber cladding and panelling, made to your exact specifications. ian_uk1975. The cladding overhangs the barge boards at the bottom by 50mm, leaving a 200mm gap to the floor so the amount of water splashing on to the cedar minimised. Timber Species. After charring and brushing, Nakatado is treated with our Bito Black which provides good protection against water, dirt, mould and other deposits. The process is often called tanalising or pressure treatment. The top edge should be machined, prior to preservative treatment, to an angle (15°) sufficient to shed water running down the back of the cladding into the ventilation cavity. end sealing strips etc) specific to the manufacturer. It is also an excellent material for thermal insulation – in summer keeping the building cool and in winter preventing the heat from escaping. Benchmark Timber offer a factory stain and fire retardant treatment service for all our timber Cladding. If preferred, fading can be avoided by applying a clear treatment with a UV filter. While this material is beautiful, long-lasting, and tough, like all other types of wood, you must be up-to-date with the care and cleaning of cedar siding. While most wood cladding needs regular treatment to keep it in optimum condition, Western red cedar is widely-used because it has a natural resistance to decay, which means it can be installed Cedar Cladding Oil is the ideal finish for cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery. It can be used for external cladding and decking applications with no additional preservative treatment. This cedar treatment prolongs the life of the wood keeping the wood supple. Whether you want protection from the elements to help with resistance against rot, decay and insect attack, or if you simply want to change the colour of your cladding to suit your current mood, our range of treatments and oils help make protecting and enhancing your timber easy. The Timber Focus Canadian Western Red Cedar range is a popular choice for both cladding and landscaping applications; commonly used for joinery functions such as gates and fences. Cedar log siding: Horizontal, hand hewn cedar log siding can be installed on an existing home or a new build. Retains woods natural beauty and durability. What You'll Need. To do this properly the product used must contain a UV filter and for a proper job the cladding should be sealed on the two faces and two edges, otherwise it the uv rays will bleach the Cedar exterior and interior cladding: Sikkens micro porous treatment finish system: Durable coating to maintain the new look Western Red Cedar has a low wood density and low shrinkage factor which means it is unlikely to warp or twist. The cedar cladding is due to go up next week. SiOO:X treated cedar clad house in County Kildare, Ireland designed by HOUSE7 architects Timber cladding is being used increasingly as a priority choice amongst architects and designers for use as a protective skin for buildings. Application of preservative by brush, pad, or roller followed by thorough back-brushing is equally effective. 2 MCQ treated structural cavity battens, stainless steel cavity batten fixings, stainless steel or silicon bronze cladding fixings and powder-coated aluminium flashings. Avoid these common mistakes for longer-lasting exterior wood cladding. With impeccable technique, dynamic lines and selected natural materials, the construction is is dramatically integrated within its environment. I have read on here people have used osmo oil. Our treatment will stop stopping cracking, splitting and discolouring. Timber cladding is an example of a hazard class 3 use. Treatments Timber cladding can be pre-treated against mould and decay, we can offer either NORclad Brunnea or NORclad Lite, both preservative treatments that offer a 30-year warranty against rot and fungal decay. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, it is ideal for cladding, fencing and much more. Natural oil and wax-based. Which is why theres a bit of a backlash against it at the moment. Timber Cladding, Cedar Cladding, Cedar Shingles and Western Red Cedar Cladding are supplied nationwide by Vincent Timber, the Cedar Cladding company Telephone: 0121 772 5511 Vincent Timber are a specialist in the UK for the supply of timber cladding, solar shading and decking. Cladex HD is a concentrated heavy duty alkaline cleaner, formulated for cleaning heavily soiled plastic type material and contemporary cladding material such as anodised aluminium and other metal surfaces. Western Red Cedar Shingles from Marley are a truly renewable and sustainable roofing and cladding material; with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any widely used building product. Unlike traditional wood siding cedar is unlikely to warp, twist, or rot, yet it still offers the rich beauty of wood. We can supply a range of premium factory applied exterior coatings, to help maintain the look and finish of the material. Any less durable timber can be treated to prolong its life in service. He wanted it to 'weather' to a silvery-grey so's it would blend in with the surroundings, so the builders suggested Canadian Cedar which "won't need any treatment". The closet enclosure area must be tightly sealed so the aromatic oils are contained. These panels are made using the highest quality Canadian Red Cedar with discreet stainless steel fixings. The cedar oils are available at most large home store outlets. These attributes make it the perfect finish for decking, cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery. Western Red Cedar Cladding has been used for centuries due to its durability. Explore it and buy it now. It protects the wood against fire, wind, rain, rot and insects. The corner trim comes in lengths of 2. Explore it now. 44m (8ft) and will ensure that meeting lines of slats and panels remain hidden in a stylish fashion. Cedar (Softwood) Cedar, which has a lower density of 23 pounds per cubic foot, is the most popular choice for wood cladding, and it’s no secret why. Cladding support battens should be at least 2. Type: Softwood. Cladding Download the brochure here . I love the various shades of brown and red on the cedar and would like to preserve this by using a clear or "natural" finish. When used as vertical cladding Cedar Shingles and Shakes can be specified to BS en 13501-1 to either euroclass B (transposes to Class 0) or euroclass C (transposes to Class 1). Thermowood is a heat & steam treated pine, imported from Finnish sustainable forests. As reflected in its density, cedar is soft and lightweight, yet it possesses impressive durability and stability. The premium product has been sourced directly from sustainable, PEFC certified forests in the Vancouver regions of Canada. We use Siberian larch, rather than cedar cladding, for its superior qualities and durability. This beautiful product is a thermally treated, clear grade, low density hardwood. Feel free to enquire about the available options. Western RED CEDAR cladding and fencing - 18 x 144mm x1. From cedar weatherboard cladding to timber painted weatherboards, anything to do with timber protection on the outside or inside of your property we take care of it all. Please call for current stock lengths. This can be when a boundary falls within one metre of the edge of the building or where cladding is used on multi-story buildings. Cedar. The winding path flows right through the garden and into the pavilion without a break, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. Ideal for cladding and decking Furthermore, it will not support combustion in a Bushfire situation, where oils actually will, being fire accelerators! A transparent timber finish that looks like a fresh oil finish but will last at least 5 times longer than oils, it is thicker than oils and will plug and seal most cracks and checks in exterior cedar cladding. Cedar cladding requires treatment. Cladding can be machined from Hardwood and some Softwoods, such as Western Red Cedar, Larch and Douglas Fir which have a natural resistance to decay. We recommend repeating this treatment every 3 to 5 years. To maintain the natural look of Western Red Cedar that is exposed outdoors, regular maintenance will be required. Oct 19, 2020 - Southgate Timber is providing high quality Western Red Cedar Channel Groove various size. Typically, you can expect cedar cladding to last for 40-60 years. Standards: Quality of timber (Exposed Surfaces): To EN 14915 – NORclad Timber Cladding is produced in accordance with factory production control for selection, grading, machining and preservative treatment of solid wood cladding. 164 months. Western red cedar has been the most popular choice for timber cladding in the UK for many years, one of the lightest commercially available timbers on the market. We can machine a wide range of naturally durable species including Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, DuraWood, Accoya, European Oak and Iroko. They have cleverly used a mixture of Anthracite Grey, White, Cream, and Greyed Cedar woodgrain cladding to create a modern look. For a modern look, it can be treated with a large selection of wood tones, or oil to simply maintain its golden-brown colour. The Cedar Corner Trim is ideal for use when looking to add the finishing touches of your fencing or cladding project. The best oils, finishes & treatments for Western Red Cedar cladding, fencing & decking 1. 2. Cedar cladding, especially Western Red Cedar cladding, is more weather resistance than most timber (and many other materials too). Western Red Cedar is reported to have a very high natural decay-resistance. Choosing a wood type and treatment option suitable for the site and application will ensure the longer lifetime and increased durability of … Continue reading Which species of wood should you choose for Cedar cladding in texture is characteristically silky and the wood has a strong aromatic odour that is most pungent when cut freshly. Wood stain or paint. Discussion. CHARRED reclaimed hemlock is carefully charred, misted with water, cooled, brushed and then stained/sealed. Originating on the northwest coast of North America, Yellow Cedar cladding is the standout choice for those who love everything about Red Western Cedar but the colour. This strong, protective treatment provides beautiful grain and colour which can be further enhanced by preservative treatment. This cedar treatment prolongs the life of the wood keeping the wood supple. Available in a range of popular profiles to give a variety of different looks. The cladding was lightly sanded and 2 coats of Treatex Cedar Oil were applied. This makes external cedar cladding a great choice for any building, from a small garage or structure to a entire house. The timber is almost knot free giving you a nice clean finish to your cladding and the colour of the cedar is a quite remarkable range of dark reddish-brown to pale Western Red Cedar cladding will fade to an attractive silver-grey over time. The Elements Timber range supplied by Austim is incredibly durable and dimensionally stable. A service life of 60 years. # Southgate Timber supplier Hardwood decking, # cedar cladding, # oak mouldings, # owatrol, # treatment many, # Explore now, # Southgate Timber Timber Cladding is suitable for both internal and external use on both domestic and commercial properties and there is a wide range of reasons you might opt for cladding: Appearance . This cedar treatment prolongs the life of the wood keeping the wood supple. MH Southern offers a choice of 6 beautiful timber species, all from sustainable resources, that will help you create responsible and beautiful cladding designs for your next build project, whether they are used for interior or exterior applications. Choosing a wood type and treatment option suitable for the site and application will ensure the longer lifetime and increased durability of … Continue reading Which species of wood should you choose for Exterior cladding panels are ideal for contemporary homes to create a streamlined look and a low-maintenance finish. Western Red Cedar is a durable and attractive softwood timber, predominately used for cladding. Timber is a classic building material, beautiful and suitable for use on commercial and residential projects. Joinery Sheet Material Joinery Timber Treated Timber Mouldings T&G Timber Cladding and Flooring Bespoke Joinery Timber Treatment Hangers & Brackets Live Edge Hardwood Radiator Covers Stair Parts Solid Wood Floating Shelves Modesty Blocks Abrasives Metal Hanging Rail Fittings Metal Hanging Rail Storage Hooks and Hangers Rothley Handrail System The hard cedar requires little treatment as a fashionable cladding, although for general construction builders rely more on cheaper plywood and pine treated with chromated copper arsenic. Click here for more information - Data Sheet £ 53. Meranti has been used in Europe for over 50 years and is renowned for its durability and stability in joineries. This premium Western Red Cedar cladding is ideal for exterior applications, with planed V2 sides creating a smooth surface on all four sides. Measurements are 44mm x 17mm slats with gaps of 90mm. Environmentally friendly. Water-repellent preservatives should be used only on newly manufactured bare cedar, on restored bare cedar, or on cedar previously treated with the same type of product. New Zealand’s hot summers and wet cold winters can lead to mildew and mould getting a toehold; left untreated, this can lead to the weatherboards cracking or cupping and impact the value of your property. e. A wide variety of cedar cladding options are available to you, Hardwood Decking Timber Deck Cedar Cladding Wall Cladding Deck Ideas Uk roko 20 x 140mm Smooth Double Southgate Timber is a supplier of Hardwood decking, cedar cladding, oak mouldings, owatrol treatment & many more. Some of our readers leave cedar cladding untreated so that it weathers to a silvery grey, but if you’re going to do this you need to make sure it’s a high-grade product and a durable species (such as a Western Red). Conforms to BS8417. 0 times the thickness of an individual board. About Fire-Protected Cladding. As both a light-weight and workable material, cedar timber is the preferred timber wall cladding choice for architects, designers, renovators, and building contractors alike. Bringing life back to silvered Cedar cladding. Working qualities, maintenance & treatment As a lightweight timber, Western Red Cedar has very good working qualities. Dressed Cedar Cladding 25x150mm (finished size 19x144mm) Contact. Finally, don’t forget to treat any cut surfaces with a suitable wood preserver: although the battens are pressure treated with preservatives, this only penetrates a couple of mm into the Treatment of the cedar cladding with top quality Osmo UV protection oil (or equivalent if this is not available) This gives a fully insulated, weathertight hut with external cladding which you can clad and fit out as required or add any of our options to complete the hut. See more ideas about hardwood decking, cedar cladding, ipe decking. These images were sent in from a customer that treated their Town Football club with Treatex Cedar Oil. It has an extremely long lifespan and will colour weather grey over time if not treated. A terrace is outdoors all year round, so the timber used to build it must be picked with special care as the service life of wood materials is significantly reduced by weather conditions. A terrace is outdoors all year round, so the timber used to build it must be picked with special care as the service life of wood materials is significantly reduced by weather conditions. It is naturally resistant to insect attack and decay. Corell Timber’s claddings are machined from Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, Accoya, Iroko, Heat Treated Softwoods & Hardwoods, European Oak. Original Poster. The trim measures in at 45mm x 45mm x 2. Cladding and panelling in Cedar, Larch, Accoya and many timbers Timber cladding or wood cladding normally used to provide a decorative and/or protective finish to a building façade. Feb 6, 2020 - Explore Southgate Timber Company Limit's board "Special offers", followed by 542 people on Pinterest. Cladding Treatment Although the cladding on your garden building does not need treatment and will silver down in time, we do offer a choice of specialised exterior wood oils (with UV protection) and also stains to lift and maintain the colour and grain of the wood. Whether you have a self build, loft conversion or house extension there is a Western Red Cedar cladding option for you. As a microporous finish, Osmo UV Protection Oil allows Cedar applies to nearly any outdoor building project. The cladding was south facing and had been installed without any form of treatment for 7+ years. Grey (RAL7012) to match the cladding when weathered | Treatment to NBS Specification Z12 Wood Protection Association Commodity Specification C5 Use Class 3 (UC3) I PROJECT Sainsbury’s, Wolverhampton Cladding: Western Red Cedar | Kiln dried | PEFC certified | 5,000 metres | 18 x 144mm | Quality to TREATMENT. This treatment prolongs the life of the wood keeping the wood supple. Your options include thicknesses from 2” to 4” and widths from 6” to 10”. Composite Cladding Cedar. Thermowood Cladding The cedar-clad pavilion provides welcome cover for individuals or groups as a retreat from the midday sun or a snug shelter from passing rain showers. com offers 1,208 cedar cladding products. Cladding and Exterior Treatments UV-Proctection Oil 2. Left untreated as it ages cedar cladding will turn an attractive silver grey colour. It's a popular and economical way to decorate the exterior of both new and refurbished buildings. Lining a closet with red eastern cedar will keep out clothes-loving insects. 83 metres (6 pieces per pack) 1. 50 year warranty Yakisugi has been in use in Japan for centuries for charred wood cladding. This is reclaimed wood and will have typical reclaimed character marks including checking and knots. Yellow Cedar Cladding. Another option is British grown Cedar, which is not as durable and has more knots. SKU Siberian Cedar Board on Board Cladding. While cedar and larch gain there excellent weather protecting from their respective natural oils and density, Thermowood undergoes a treatment process to transforming it into a long-lasting, maintenance-free cladding solution. Horizontal cladding (weatherboard) This article gives very general guidelines for applying horizontal external cladding. uk Western Red Cedar has a class 2 durability rating. Available in a range of materials, including vitreous enamel or metal, they will cost anything from £50 per square metre, depending on the material and chosen finish. Fixing horizontal cladding/weatherboard - a step by step approach. Many homeowners prefer the look of stained wood; if you are installing a quality cedar cladding, a transparent oil-based stain will highlight the look of natural wood while also protecting your investment from weather damage. Is Western Red Cedar timber sustainably sourced? For environmentally friendly building materials, wood is a clear leader. I think you can get away with it in certain circumstances- very uniform wood which weathers evenly, no overhangs on the eaves, nothing that will allow different parts of the same wall to see different levels of exposure. Noawood’s thermal modification subjects premium kiln-dried Meranti to temperatures above 170°C and pressure between 6-9 bar. Preparing Cedar Outdoor Applications. We work closely with the Treatex brand to ensure that our cladding treatments offer great value for money without compromising on effectiveness or quality. If you require help in choosing the right cladding type for your project please contact us on 0121 703 The Cedar & Timber Maintenance Co are Central Otago NZ's leading specialists in the treatment of all things cedar and timber. This cedar treatment prolongs the life of the wood keeping the wood supple. Cedarcladdingsuppliers is a supplier of Cedar Cladding,Cedar Fencing Decking,Cedar Sawn,Cedar Shingles & Ridge Tiles & many more. Cedar: Cedar cladding is probably the most popular option and it mainly refers to Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), which is usually sourced from Canada. Our water-resistant exterior protective treatment products will enable you to achieve the finish you desire and are proven to work on difficult woods such a Cedar, and are widely used to treat Cedar Cladding. It can also be used for surface preparation prior to applying the Cladex Revive or Cladex Restore system Our X Wood Premium Shiplap Cladding is perfect for commercial uses - see it here on a school in Belgium. Our treatment will stop stopping cracking, splitting and discolouring. In these situations, place a separating layer between the batten and the cladding, such as: Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra (CEDAR) offers an added Cedar Coloured layer of protection against harmful UV rays particularly on vertical cladding surfaces exposed to the sun which can cause discolouration, greying and blackening of wood. All western red Cedar has a degree of natural durability, imported Canadian coastal grown Western red cedar with the sapwood excluded is the very best and can be used for cladding without any treatment. Due to its natural oils, it doesn’t require treatment. My installer has recommended Treatex cedar oil. My bro had a timber 'office' built on his rooftop about 7-8 years ago. Architect Select® Western Red Cedar Cladding. Available in clear, brown and green treated there's sure to be a profile and colour to suit any garden theme. Western Red Cedar Shingles can be preservative treated against rot and insect attack. Expected service life for thermally modified, uncoated timber cladding is 30 years. Beyond that, Western red cedar has multiple advantages over other cladding options because it is natural, sustainable, and is a renewal product. Cedar Corner Trim. Natural ingredients. About 0% of these are Solid Wood Boards, 12% are Other Boards, and 2% are Aluminum Composite Panels. Western Red Cedar is particularly effective in this regard and can be used to help reduce noise or to confine it to certain areas. Fully/Part Finished . Choose from a range of attractive external cladding profiles (shapes) to achieve a range of looks on your building from traditional to extremely modern. British cedar cladding | VHL7 Weathered British cedar cladding The majority of western red cedar cladding seen in this country is imported from North America and Canada. Duration: 40-60 years. co. For extra durability outdoors choose from our range of pressure treated exterior cladding. Our Canadian Western Red Cedar range includes 2x1, 3x1 and 6x1 boards as well as shiplap and shadow gap cladding boards. Total amount of decking required is * Please note that while this calculator shows the decking required, Southgate Timber advises that 10% be added to the total to cover wastage. Natural Finish For Cedar Cladding Many users of Western Red Cedar prefer a finish that preserves the wood’s natural color and appearance. 33 Ex VAT and Delivery Reclaimed hemlock burnt in the Japanese style of shou sugi ban can be used for interior wall cladding and ceiling cladding. We offer a wide range of timbers and profiles within our cladding selection. We can supply a range of industrial pre-treatments to both cladding and sub-strates, that will comply with any specification. A cost-effective choice for lasting performance. Having cedar cladding installed to the front Imported Coastal Canadian Western Red Cedar is naturally durable. Cladding will be kiln-dried to approximately an 18% moisture content prior to machining, but may vary between production and installation on site. Southgate Timber is providing high-quality cedar cladding in various sizes. CLADDING WESTERN RED CEDAR L Shape Corner The term “Shou-Sugi-Ban” is Japanese (焼杉板) and literally translates to “burnt cedar board”. Contact Cedar Sales today to discover how this all-rounder can work for you. Semi-transparent stains If you’re not interested in an opaque finish, there are still many Paint is your best option for treating cedar if your only intent is protection. The following procedures should prove helpful: New Wood. com Should timber cladding be fire retardant treated? Depending on its situation, UK Building regulations may stipulate that timber cladding is protected with a suitable fire retardant product. Choose your Cedar Wood Softwashing Service by calling 08001577484. The term is commonly used to describe the centuries old Japanese technique of charring “Sugi” (cedar) planks used for residential siding, fencing, and decking projects. Get the timing right – To avoid warping and curling of green or freshly cut timber, clad your The best way to preserve cedar cladding is to apply a product ( supplied in UK ) called Di-ard. The annual wash-down will remove surface contaminants such as dust, pollen, salt air residues, etc. Treatex Cedar Oil penetrates deeply into timber surfaces and attaches to the wood capillaries providing protection against extreme climate conditions. Full range of Cedar Cladding with optional profiles. Siberian Larch is also known for its fine workability, with good sawing and finishing properties. Tweet. English cedar clad house on the banks of the River Parret on the Somerset Levels. Greenzone Composite Cedar Cladding provides a durable and layer against wind, rain, snow and sun together with excellent insulation. Finishes for Apex cladding include Alaskan Driftwood, Arctic Birch, Himalayan Cedar, or Brazilian Teak. The wood oil is absorbed into the Cedar, replenishing the natural oils and adding anti-fungal properties. British Western Red Cedar cladding offers the same durability and ease of working as its Canadian counterpart, although does present a more rustic, knotty finish that is paler and more even We manufacturer our Cladding in our own factory and every board of cladding is CE Marked in accordance with EN 14915:2006 Solid Wood Cladding. With varying aesthetics between species that speak to traditional or contemporary styled homes, timber cladding can be used to clad the entire exterior of a building, or used with other materials to build stunning visuals, such as a feature walls. uPVC and fibre cement cladding materials usually come with their own instructions and include trim pieces (i. Cedar siding maintenance must be a regular task so that you can avoid permanent damage to your home's exterior. Russwood re-saw and grade all boards to produce a vertical grain, virtually knot-free, Architect Select® grade of Western Red Cedar. Bleach or vinegar. The cladding boards can also be delivered pre-stained or fire-treated to Euro class B (class 0) if necessary. Opaque or solid-colour A thorough coating or two of an acrylic-based paint is by far the most protective of the 2. December 14, 2005 at 1:17 pm #764007 Typically, one bundle will cover 2. When you need cedar cladding treatment on your buildings facade you’ve come to the right place. uk is a ISO 9001 standard accredited company and will deliver the best possible result for your cedar cladding treatment project Western Red Cedar timber cladding has become increasingly popular for adding extra character to existing buildings and cladding timber framed structures. Our cladding is delivered free. The Woodoc exterior range is UV-resistant and becomes microporous once cured so is able to cope with oily woods such as Cedar, Iroko, Balau etc as it enables the oils and resins to come to the surface while staying in place and providing the protection that the wood deserves. Permachar® timber has undergone fire treatment to preserve it. Cedar Cladding Oil is the ideal finish for cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery. Resistant to rotting, Accoya cladding is likely to stay free of any visible distortion over its lifetime – which means fewer call backs than typical wood cladding. cedar is naturally durable and requires no treatment, the only reason for oiling or finishing the board with a sealant is to preserve its natural colour. Softwood; Currently the most popular of species chosen for external cladding; BS EN 350-2 classed as ‘durable’ and does not require treatment for external use, providing only heartwood is used You should really avoid having joints in the cladding, and plan it using single lengths. 9. The requirements of specific treatment regimes are contained in NZS 3640:2003 Chemical preservation of round and sawn timber. Available in multiple profiles and finger-jointed lengths up to 12m Exterior Wood Cladding Treatment & Finishes Protecting and maintaining your timber cladding is key to keeping it looking at its best for years to come. Generally machined from Fourth/Fifth quality Redwood. Our cladding is available in a range of timbers, sizes and profiles. Explore it now. Explore the best quality western red cedar cladding now. For those with a slightly bigger budget to spend on cladding a house, there are several types of timber house cladding that fit the bill — needing no initial or even subsequent staining in order to maintain their looks. Our JB Shingles can be treated with MicroPro which extends the life and offers a durability guarantee of 40 years. This is a reflection of the natural and unique quality that wood provides. It is maintenance free and has an expected lifespan of up to 50 years. Greenzone Composite Cladding Cedar has upgraded 360°protective shield around the board, prevent the decking board from color fading through the lifespan, better weather resistance for the outdoor usage. However, if copper-based timber treatment is used, the batten must not be in contact with profiled metal wall claddings as this may lead to corrosion of the cladding (refer to E2/AS1 Paragraph 9. Western Red Cedar is a versatile product suitable for cladding, fencing and many other applications. We have a variety of fencing options to choose from within the cedar range such as our hit and miss panels, slatted cedar panels, solid cedar panels and much more. Cedar timbers are naturally a bright vibrant combination of pinks, reds and brown hues but without treatment they will begin to grey quite rapidly. However, British cedar has been grown in our woodlands for over one hundred years and the mature trees are ideal for timber cladding production. Explore it now. Western Red Cedar. The Western Red Cedar cladding was factory treated with original SiOO:X in 2015. Type of cladding Horizontal and vertical. Very quick and easy to install, the range comes as Ex25 x 150mm planed, with tongue and groove V-shaped joints to provide a fully closed construction. FRT exterior ® is a full-cell pressure treatment that makes the Cedar Shingles and Shakes fire retardant for life. Paint's solids ward off light, and light is the main contributor to the deterioration of cedar. The wood has natural durability, making for a low maintenance and resistant cladding, as well as its resistance to shrinking and swelling after proper treatment is applied before installation. It contains detailed treatment specifications, the types of chemicals that may be used, the minimum preservative retention and penetration into the timber, identification of treated timber and quality control requirements. Where cladding boards are within normal sizes (i. Cedar cladding is the most popular choice for exterior cladding because of its excellent durability, stability and volume to weight ratio. Our PermaChar® Cladding is a modern twist on an ancient Japanese process for treating timber to preserve the wood. Purple-rhino. We produce redwood shiplap, redwood board and batten, redwood weather board. We supply a Cedar Wood finish for fencing and cladding applications with UV Protection properties. Cedar cladding treatment pics wanted. See our custom products – click here to learn more. This coupled with the Tongue & Groove system adopted with these boards making for incredibly easy installation, Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for your cladding. Cedar Trellis Fence Panels Slatted Screen Fencing is proud to offer a stunning range of red cedar trellis panels, perfect for adding to a contemporary setting. For special order, the company offers seven Lightweight, easy to work with, easy to finish, easy to stain, possessing outstaning dimensional stability, Western Red Cedar is the perfect material for exterior cladding applications. I would prefer to prevent it greying as long as possible. Reply Reply Author. The Cedarscreen Vertical 45mm cavity system comprises of vertical shiplap weatherboards (factory finished to all sides with a migrating wood oil), horizontal and vertical H3. Truwood is an excellent choice for cladding and is available in a wide range of 19mm thick vertical and horizontal weatherboard profiles. It also has strong aesthetic appeal thanks to its rich reddish brown colour. When it comes to finishing, you can either paint or stain your cedar cladding. It is important to note that not all Western Red Cedars are the same and it’s essential to specify Coastal Clear Grade Western Red Cedar for the best durability. The Western Red Cedar Fence Panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be tailored to fit pre-existing boundaries. Including Shiplap, Loglap, Tongue & Groove, 6" x 1" boards. It is very slowly grown with a close fine straight grain and is predominantly a red/brown colour. Quay Timber; Chillingham Industrial Estate, Back Chapman Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, . Just after treatment in September 2015 . He said it's the only thing he's come across that really works and really likes it. A paint is a good, economical and long-lasting finish. With our pre-weathered wood designs, there can be a seamless interior/exterior aesthetic from day one when exterior cladding is continued to the interior of the structure; No additional treatment beyond normal cleaning. Unlike seemingly every architect, TV presenter, etc, I'm not much of a fan of the 'leave it to weather' school of timber cladding. I have read on here people have used osmo oil. Cladding will be dispatched at given sizes, but a margin of error should be used when producing cladding layout drawings for expansion and contraction in the timber. It’s also the most stable of the softwoods and is subject to little movement once installed. 1,154 posts. These include cedar, larch and spruce, as well as oak and chestnut. Composite Cedar Cladding. Traditionally, only Sugi (Japanese cedar) is used due to its longevity as well as favourable burning characteristics. Next day, free delivery to anywhere in the UK. Has anyone on here used it or have an opinion on it. Southgate Timber offers the best quality screws & treatment products. The time this takes will vary depending on exposure to the elements, sun, wind and rain, giving each individual project a unique look. However, cedar's exceptional resistance to decay leads builders to use cedar for particularly exposed projects, such as fence boards and finished deck surfaces. It is the most stable of all softwoods, with a very low tendency to shrink, warp, twist or check. When used as an external cladding Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most naturally durable cladding species, rated Class 2 according to BS EN 350-2. Bleach or vinegar. Teknos coatings are designed to keep your cladding looking its best year after year. Our Western Red Cedar Cladding is sourced from the cedar forests of Canada. Wood stain or paint. It’s a low maintenance material – this leaves more time to enjoy the product, less time taking care of it Imported Canadian Cedar Cladding is commercially grown in Canada and the Coastal Pacific North West of the USA. It is a premium clear grade air-dried. Thursday 23rd June 2016. Can be a heavier wood as it has a greater density but will retain its colour longer and can also be fire treated. It is a quateri-ammonium disinfectant which is used to kill Algi and other fungal growth on a wide variety of surfaces, ie concrete, slabs, glass and wood. The timber is profiled in accordance with NZS3617 and Branz Bulletin 411, with both vertical and horizontal profiles compatible with all standard Rosenfeld Kidson system details. Maintenance is performed in a timely way to prevent deterioration and damage to the timbers and claddings. Osmo Wood Treatment Long-term protection of wood. Furthermore BS 8417 provides for an expected 60 year plus lifespan if the sapwood is excluded. Timber Cladding Perth. See full list on rawlinspaints. Treat your timber cladding. Teknos Coatings. This oil is the ideal finish for cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery and decking that uses softwoods. Ecochoice delivers both Canadian and British Cedar cladding in a range of profiles such as shiplap, tongue-and-groove, TGV and many others directly to your project's site. See the types of timber weatherboards your home can have. Western Red Cedar Cladding | 18 x 144mm (Shiplap – ST7) Our range of Western Red Cedar Cladding makes a stylish and durable feature to your home or outdoor buildings. This timber is sourced with FSC® certification to be from well-managed forests. Profiles and sizes within the Microshades Cladding Range A great cost-saving timber MicroShades® Treated Wood Products provide the beautiful, rich wood tones of natural redwood and cedar, along with the durability and protection of MicroPro® technology. External cladding made of Western Red Cedar timber, with non-visible fastening system and treatment for outdoor use. All are used as an alternative to cedar weather boards, cedar cladding, cedar shiplap, cedar board and batten, Timber cladding, Brise Soleil. Manufacturer Metsä Wood. Such movement can be reduced by early application of finish stain or other surface treatment to inhibit moisture uptake. A 30 year warranty is offered with preservative treated shingles. Micro-porous. British Western Red Cedar cladding offers the same durability and ease of working as its Canadian counterpart, although does present a more rustic, knotty finish that is paler and more even Find best and experienced for cedar cladding treatment at nominal price, visit today at Cedar Innovation Service. Most of our cladding can be manufactured in the timber species of your choice. PTGV – Ex 19 x 150mm; Other profiles of Cedar cladding are available to order; We can source other quality softwood and hardwood cladding to order, which is available in featheredge, waney edge and square edge . Our treatment will stop stopping cracking, splitting and discolouring. Durability: Cedar shingles and shakes are a durable roofing and cladding finish, with a standard life of around 20 to 30 years but for maximum life expectancy we recommend they are preservative treated. Being a versatile, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective material, there is an ever increasing demand across all sectors of the industry, noticeably in Residential, Education, Health Care and Retail projects. The Western Red Cedar is a clear-grade, slowly grown old-growth wood that is highly durable, making it one of the best materials available on the market. Yellow Cedar is extremely durable and resistant to decay and most insect attacks, which makes it ideal for cladding. The Confederation of Timber Industries recommends that all timber-based cladding and balcony components should be treated using a quality-assured factory-applied flame retardant to Euroclass B, unless shown not to be necessary by an appropriate risk assessment process. Our carefully machined Siberian Cedar Board on Board Cladding, is the perfect choice should you require differing shadow lines, infallible weather protection, as well as the natural durability and stunning grain of Siberian Cedar. 32m2with a 125mm exposure. Our treatment will stop stopping cracking, splitting and discolouring. Cedar cladding offers many advantages over other siding materials. My installer has recommended Treatex cedar oil. DECORATING INTERIOR WOOD FILLER 19x144mm Western Red Cedar Cladding . You can also apply additional treatments to timber cladding to provide additional protection from the signs of weathering. We can also provide a silk gloss and/or scratchproof coating for interior use. With Red Cedar, Shorea, Redwood cladding board and whitewood tongue and groove log lap boards there are many options to choose from. For more information or if you have a question be sure to give one of us a call or fill out our contact form now! Cedar Cladding : Cedar Shingles & Ridge Tiles : LARCH Siberian Larch Fencing Owatrol Treatment & Accessories Most cavity battens are treated using LOSP treatment. The surface condition of the wood to which the finish is to be applied can substantially affect the performance and hence the life expectancy of the finish. Your options include thicknesses from 2” to 4” and widths from 6” to 10”. The thermal treatment provides a rich Teak coloured timber with great properties of durability and stability without any chemical treatment - just heat and wood. Products treated using CHEMCO’s proprietary fire retardant system have passed strict fire and weathering tests and comply with all building codes. For the complete cladding service, factory pre-finishing and fire treatment services are available. This process involves putting the timber cladding pieces in a large pressure vessel, filling the tank with a preservative chemical and increasing the pressure to around 12 atmospheres. We Recommend this to be applied immediately to NEW CEDAR OR LARCH if you intend to leave the timber to 'silver' naturally. They are light for transport, and therefore also make savings in supporting structures; they also offer a high degree of thermal insulation. co. Factory fire retardant treatment is also available if required. Cedar cladding is generally the easiest and cheapest type of timber cladding to use and has been over-used in its most banal way (like panels between rendered insulation) as an excuse for design in bog standard developers buildings. Class 1 - Suitable for most cladding designs where planed and flush jointed panels are used. Marley Shingles are treated […] This product is designed for use on timbers like cedar, larch, pine and lots more. This restriction of moisture movement limits any potential for swelling, shrinkage or distortion. Timber is a popular choice because of its naturally attractive appearance from the warm colouring to the distinctive character of its grain. Please contact us for prices. He said its the only thing hes come across that really works and really likes it. I am getting some western red cedar cladding installed on the exterior of my property (also cedar garage doors) and I have a query with regards to the best way to protect the timber and preserve the colour. Cedar Cladding Oil is the ideal finish for cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery. You can choose from Canadian Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, or ThermoWood timber species ranges as well as our innovative wood composite cladding material, NEOLIFE®. Our cladding boards are ideal for sheds, playhouses, summerhouses, house walls or garages. Pressure washer. giving a Class 0 rating. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Seasonite - Helps reduce splitting, cracking and movement in new Softwood, allows timber to dry out in a more controlled manner. Naturally-durable, easy to work with and visually striking, Western Red cedar is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s favourite products when it comes to timber cladding. Western Red Cedar is PEFC certified. For both Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch, make sure to use stainless steel fixings. It is becoming a popular form of cladding due to the natural resistance to decay. e. Accoya® Cladding 47×25 and 73×50 (on edge) factory coated with Teknos® FI-024. SUPPLIED Hand Rails Cladding & Sheeting Composite Cladding HD Clad PRO Trim Fixings Shelving Melamine Brackets Fencing Treated Fencing Fence Post Boltdowns Agricultural Fence Posts Decking Timber Decking Composite Prime Decking Millboard Decking Railway Sleepers Timber Shavings Timber Services Treatment Machine To Profile Contact. Timber cladding offers designers a unique combination of practical, aesthetic and environmental advantages: Practical advantages Oct 14, 2015 - Explore Oscar Saucedo-Andrade's board "Larch Cedar Cladding" on Pinterest. The colour variations and optimal grain structure, combined with the species’ inherent stability, ensure that this product is a popular choice for a wide range of cladding projects. For best results, fresh siding should be pre-primed on all six sides with a stain-blocking primer and top coated with 100-percent acrylic-latex paint. Decking; Fencing; Oils & Varnishes; View All. We are a family run business of joiners and master craftsmen that take pride in the quality of product we produce. Cedar is a tough, durable timber that doesn’t need treating unless you wish to preserve its ‘new’ red look. Redwoods may not be suitable for such use, unless they been preservative treated. How Does External Cedar … Cedar Cladding Treatment. As Cedar specialists, Silva Timber offer the finest selection of Western Red Cedar cladding & trim in the UK, with FSC & PEFC Certification, along with our exemplary customer service and advice. This coupled with the combination of the Shiplap and Tongue and Groove systems adopted with these boards making for the easiest installation, Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for your cladding. Cedar offers superior acoustic qualities too, helping to reduce noise or confine it to specific areas. Exterior timber cladding has to withstand any weather. Lately, the use of unstained timbers has increased. Treatment is highly recommended in areas of high humidity, tree proximity and rainfall. Cedar Treat 22 is a clear dry product that wont effect the original colour of the wood. The Extra formula also contains active ingredients to protect against algae, mould and fungal decay. All wood will weather and go silver over time unless it is treated, but treatment adds to the upkeep of your cladding. Quay Timber; Chillingham Industrial Estate, Back Chapman Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE6 2XX ; Tel: 0191 224 0494; Email: info@quaytimber. Western Red cedar cladding. Architects, Orme Architecture, Ovolo Architectural Design. It is a natural way to preserve timber by treating the surface with fire. The only real difference between Homegrown Cedar Cladding and Imported is Homegrown has a much more open grain, giving a more rustic appearance – that many customers actually prefer – starting with the usual red/brown colour and ‘silvering’ over time as it weathers. See more ideas about cedar cladding, cladding, timber cladding. Lighter colors last longer since they reflect light more efficiently than darker colors. 1. You may be looking for a clear oil to enhance the natural beauty of cedar cladding or an opaque coloured finish to create a statement look. All boards are made from pressure treated FSC standard Scandinavian Redwood timber, Western Red Cedar or Larch. Bear in mind this country’s damp climate means moisture is inevitable. Natural construction material. Our JML Garden Rooms come with Western Cedar cladding as standard, which doesn’t need chemical treatment. I would prefer to prevent it greying as long as possible. Explore it and buy it now. Thanks to our thermal treatment, meranti can now be specified for cladding as well. Cedar is vey stable lengthways, so whether its butt jointed or mitred wont matter too much, but the issue is one of anaesthetics and potential end grain staining which will really stand out. High Natural Resistance To Decay. It turns out ‘Cedar cladding’ has become ubiquitous as the alternative term for ‘timber cladding’ and so we thought we’d ponder that for a moment. September 2018 . Western Red Cedar Feather Edge Cladding Our Imported, Canadian Western Red Cedar tongue and groove cladding is supplied in "Clear and Better No. The cedar cladding is due to go up next week. On the other hand, our home-grown cedar is available in profiles of 6x1 planed and rough sawn, 3x1 and 4x2 planed timber and cladding in tongue and groove and shiplap boards. We supply the highest quality Canadian Western Red Cedar available. We stock and sell the most common types of cedar cladding profiles, depending on the end look and feel of your desired project. Western Red Cedar Cladding in stock for fast delivery UK Wide. For smooth-planed, flat-grained cedar, some surface preparation may be desirable. Cedar Cladding is manufactured in the unseasoned (green) state, hence installed boards may occasionally display some movement such as shrinkage as they season after installation. Timber Cladding is growing in popularity as a material within the construction industry. 44m. Siberian Larch Cladding offers a beautiful lighter alternative to Red Cedar and is more durable as an external cladding. We have a range of cladding materials available for supply in the Truro area and to anyone in Cornwall. For exterior vertical surfaces such as cladding, windows and doors Contains a Cedar coloured pigment and UV Protection to provide a transparent (NOT clear) finish Effectively prevents the greying process, does not crack, peel, flake or blister 1 litre covers approx 16 metres squared with 1 coat Fire Treatment . Has anyone on he A controlled heat treatment to temperatures over 200°C confers improved durability and stability to timber, typically European redwood (Pinus sylvestris). 2" grade which is one of the highest grades of imported cedar available. Both squared and grooved boards are available. After the chemical wash, and any preparation required, the Cedar is treated with 1 coat of wood oil. Choosing a wood type and treatment option suitable for the site and application will ensure the longer lifetime and increased durability of … Continue reading Which species of wood should you choose for The most popular external cladding for a garden room, by far is Western Red Cedar. Treated timber generally lasts longer than untreated timber and is far more likely to retain its colour, providing protection from water and UV rays – although darker colours may still fade, a UV protected paint will help prevent the timber from silvering. circa 100-150mm wide) this class limits the diameter of sound knots to Product Introduction. So in a way the proof is in the pudding. A terrace is outdoors all year round, so the timber used to build it must be picked with special care as the service life of wood materials is significantly reduced by weather conditions. Choosing a wood type and treatment option suitable for the site and application will ensure the longer lifetime and increased durability of … Continue reading Which species of wood should you choose for Southgate Timber is a supplier of Hardwood decking, cedar cladding, oak mouldings, owatrol treatment & many more. 1) If greyed in the seasoning period clean with Osmo Wood reviver Gel, Wet timber Apply Gel Liberally, scrub in with Osmo cleaning brush, Leave for up to 30 minutes, Scrub the surface a second time, wash off with copious amounts of water, do not pressure wash, leave to dry 48 hours. Osmo 410 and 420 Clear UV-Protection Oils contain ingredients which prevent the UV-rays from reaching the wood surface. This cedar can be colour washed, allowing you to give your Garden Room a subtle shade of colour. Cedar and thermally modified timber are less likely to move and allow you to use a more delicate joint. Cedar originating from the Pacific West coast of North America and Canada grows in relatively pristine conditions producing clean and slow grown timber. It is not suitable for timbers which contain lots of tannin's, such as oak. Although Cedar does not require treatment many customers prefer to treat to stop the timber weathering to a silver grey colour. A terrace is outdoors all year round, so the timber used to build it must be picked with special care as the service life of wood materials is significantly reduced by weather conditions. Its smooth planed finish makes it easy to stain or paint if required as it is air-dried allow it to acclimatise to the correct moisture content. Alibaba. No extra preservative treatment is needed for above-ground fencing and cladding projects. 48m2 Timber Focus Canadian Western Red Cedar is a popular wood for cladding and landscaping applications, such as gates and fences. Cladding Cornwall. Cedar cladding is popular because it is low maintenance – it has a natural resistance to rot and fungal attack. The highest quality Cedar cladding available. This prevents the development of mould and extends the service life of the stain or oil treatment. Builders, Dave British Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for those where either budget is a deciding factor or you value a locally grown low carbon footprint product. However, because it’s soft it’s usually used in areas where heavy damage is unlikely. Western Red Cedar is a soft wood commonly used for cladding because it is more resistant to decay and needs no prior treatment, making it ideal for external cladding. 2). CHEMCO uses Thermex-FR, a safe and environmentally friendly fire treatment formula that renders wood resistant to fire. A complete wood preservative treatment that protects exterior wood from wood rot, decay and woodworm. It is suitable for interior or exterior (once treated) use. We give all services of cedar maintenance, cedar house wash and cedar cladding British Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for those where either budget is a deciding factor or you value a locally grown low carbon footprint product. Water and dirt resistant, moisture regulating and reduces wood swelling and shrinkage. 5L Natural oil-based and microporous finish does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Western Red Cedar is a perfect timber for exterior wall cladding, outdoor rooms and other outdoor uses. It contains natural oils that help to increase its resistance to moisture and humidity. The wood is charred with fire after which it goes through a brushing and treatment process resulting in a dramatic, dark appearance with weather-proof properties. Western Red Cedar can be used untreated for external cladding. No extra treatment is needed for above-ground fencing and cladding projects. 6. Weatherboard cladding can create a versatile and traditional effect for your space. It helps to avoid cladding North or East facing surfaces. Find best and experienced for cedar cladding treatment at nominal price, visit today at Cedar Innovation Service. It comes as a concentrate which is diluted with water and is relatively harmless to the environment. We know that WRC is a safe choice because it’s been used in construction for over 50 years. The heat treatment changes the chemical make-up of the timber so it is less able to absorb moisture. You can apply a cedar oil treatment to the wood's surface instead of sanding. Hi. We give all services of cedar maintenance, cedar house wash and cedar cladding Cedar Cladding Oil is the ideal finish for cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery. cedar cladding treatment